Introducing Headline Scroller Magic

Use Headline Scroller (HSL) to present your most important marketing headlines. Link those headlines to the associated full story and you've got a sales and marketing tool that will work for you. Read More...

➲ Introducing Tab Panel Magic 3:

The finest Tab widget for Dreamweaver. Fully responsive and Swipe-enabled See it now...

➲ Introducing Mega Menu Magic:

The only Responsive Mega Menu Builder for Dreamweaver. See it now...

Mega Menu Magic...

The Only Responsive Mega Menu tool for Dreamweaver

Mega Menu Home Page | Examples

  • Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • Automated interface (UI) inside Dreamweaver
  • Configure Mega sub-menus with multiple columns and rows
  • Add any type of content or images to your sub-menus
  • Classic menu option for traditional drop-down
  • Easy root alignment options (left, right, or centered)
  • Easy mega sub-menu width options
  • Easy integration into Affinity or Page Builder Magic 2 pages
  • Insert Multiple menus on a page
  • 4 thoroughly modern CSS style themes, each with multiple design options
  • CSS3 linear gradients used in place of background images
  • Optionally set rounded corners, transparency, or box-shadows in UI
  • Optionally remove root background colors for seamless integration into existing menu containers
  • Automatically highlights current page link
  • 6 Animation options
  • Advanced CSS3-based menu animations



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