➲ Introducing Background Rotator Magic

Use Background Rotator Magic (BRM) to rotate your page's background image. The images automatically scale to the size of your browser window—or your device viewport.

➲ Introducing Nova Theme Pack for Affinity

Nova is designed to maximize vertical space, an important commodity in mobile devices. Of course, it's also quite a beautiful design that will look great in all devices and all browsers.

➲ Introducing Headline Scroller Magic

Use Headline Scroller (HSL) to present your most important marketing headlines. Link those headlines to the associated full story and you've got a sales and marketing tool that will work for you. Read More...

➲ PVII Products are regularly updated Please visit our updates page to check if your products have a newer version. The updates page will contain instructions for updating your product:

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Scroll To Top (STT) is an automated Dreamweaver widget that makes getting back to the top of long web pages easier. You can add fixed position arrows, on either the right or bottom edges of your page, that allow users to scroll back to the top of the page, at any time. For illustrative purposes, this page contains a bottom bar. Scroll the page down and you will see it.


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