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Adding Prev/Next Arrows on each side of pagination in ISM? 2 Al Sparber 1 day
It would be nice to have a menu like pop menu magic 3 but with.... 1 twocans 3 weeks
OPM Feature Request? 1 choreo 1 month
Subtle Hamburger Animation 2 mandarin 2 months
Wish :) Tab Panel Magic to have Fixed to Scroll 3 mlapointe 3 months
Info Slider - Carousel Mode 20 mick 3 months
Image Processing in Photoshop? 1 michaelhager 4 months
Show/Hide Div Based on Cookie 11 Bob 5 months
New P7 Interface to replace DW 6 Al Sparber 5 months
P7 Master Folder 3 Diane 6 months
Mega Menu in AMM? 2 Humble Duff 6 months
Table display suggestions please 4 Boman 7 months
Art gallery Magic 3 Frank 8 months
Flex Grid Magic 1 sebjohn 8 months
Page design template for Adaptive Menu Magic? 2 Al Sparber 9 months
Will we ever see PVII extensions running in Brackets? 2 Al Sparber 10 months
a toolset perhaps to accompany image rotator, to allow using swipe 1 Diane 10 months
BRM - next edition of Background Rotator Magic to work on divs 1 Diane 10 months
Add the Harmony Color Palette choices to the Slide Out Panel tool. 1 NewMexico 12 months
Harmony Content No Padding 3 NewMexico 1 year
Priority Navigation Menu 2 Al Sparber 1 year
PBX - reveal up and/or down from center, similar to TTM 1 Diane 1 year
APM3 or similar, ability to have more formatting in the trigger and still use automated interface 1 Diane 1 year
APM - ability to link to a named panel in addition to numbered 1 Diane 1 year