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PVII Mobile Friendly TablesThe Ultimate Responsive and Adaptive Tools for Dreamweaver

In the Google Mobile-Friendly era, this might be the most valuable tool you can own.

What do you do when your client calls at 4:00pm and says "Hey dude, when I search for my site on a phone, Google can't find it. It's not there, man! I called an SEO guy and he says he thinks it's because I have tables in my pages." Instead of a panic attack, followed by hours of coding, you can use PVII Mobile-Friendly Tables to convert old-fashioned tables into mobile-friendly tables, in no time.


Mobile-Friendly Tables (MFT) is an automated Dreamweaver widget that will convert your existing html tables to render properly on phones, allowing your pages to pass Google's mobile-friendly test. Your pages will no longer be penalized in Google searches done from a mobile phone.


The Mobile-Friendly Tables Interface

The Create Interface

Think about it. In a few seconds, you can make a site that was made over a decade ago Mobile-Friendly! Of course, you can also take modern sites that are responsive and make tables used for data completely mobile-friendly.


MFT works on...

Invest in a tool that will pay for itself over and over

MFT is an indispensable tool that will make your job and your life a lot easier.